How to Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm

Lightning bolt and thunderhead storms over Denver neighborhood homes

Compared to tornadoes and hurricanes, thunderstorms may not seem all that serious. However, lightning, hail, and high wind can be plenty dangerous to you and your property. Follow these tips to stay safe when the next thunderstorm strikes. Stay Up-to-Date When the sky starts to turn dark, tune into your local news or radio station for weather updates. If you… Continue reading

Hurricane Safety & Planning

Hurricane warning sign

We are currently in the midst of hurricane season, which runs from June through November. Historically, some of the most devastating storms have hit in late summer, such as Katrina—which impacted Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana in August 2005—and Harvey—which hit Texas and Louisiana in August 2017. This means, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, now is the time to… Continue reading

How to Create a Wildfire Action Plan

Ring of fire Bailey Colorado Rocky Mountain forest wildfire

Thousands of wildfires burn across North America every year, destroying homes and businesses with no remorse. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 45 million homes in the US intermingle with or are on the borders of wildlands, meaning more communities are vulnerable to wildfires than ever before. Prepare a wildfire action plan with your family today to ensure… Continue reading


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Natural Disaster Safety Tips

Emergency bag for earthquake

It may seem like climate disasters only occur elsewhere, but with 14 separate billion-dollar weather events in 2019 alone, odds are Mother Nature will target your area eventually. Are you prepared? Here are the most important things you can do today to prepare for the next tornado, hurricane, flood, or wildfire. Stay informed. The nationwide Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system… Continue reading

Water Damage

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July 13, 2020 –DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, proudly welcomes FP Property Restoration of Fort Myers, FL to its national provider network. (more…) Continue reading

Fourth of July Safety Tips

4 of July Celebration

Independence Day is right around the corner! You probably have traditions you look forward to every year, such as grilling, boating, or watching fireworks. By following these simple Fourth of July safety tips, you can enjoy a fun, memorable holiday without putting your friends or family in harm’s way. Grilling Safety Tips Independence Day is the most popular US holiday… Continue reading