The Fundamentals of Earthquake Safety

The Fundamentals of Earthquake Safety

Are you prepared for the possibility of an earthquake? Everyone everywhere should learn and practice the fundamentals of earthquake safety. International ShakeOut Day was October 17, but you can schedule earthquake drills anytime. What to Do During an Earthquake Earthquakes can range in severity from tiny, hardly perceptible tremors to sudden, intense back-and-forth motions that jerk the ground sideways and… Continue reading

Top 5 Causes of House Fires

Smoke coming in under door

Nearly 400,000 house fires are reported to US fire departments every year, resulting in an average of 2,740 civilian deaths, 11,670 civilian injuries, and $7.3 billion in property damage. Learn about the five most common causes of house fires so you can take steps to keep your home and family safe during Fire Prevention Week, which takes place October 6-12,… Continue reading

Tips for Driving in a Flood

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Flooding can occur due to heavy rain, high tides, burst river banks, blocked drains, and more. You may feel safe from the rising waters in your car, but one-third of flood-related deaths occur because people are swept away in their vehicles. Just one foot of water is enough to shift your car, and two feet could sweep your car away.… Continue reading

How to Plan and Hold Home Fire Drills

A couple having a "the talk" with their young son.

Your kids do fire drills at school. Your boss schedules fire drills at work. Now it’s time to start doing fire drills at home, just in time for Home Fire Drill Day on October 13. How to Plan Home Fire Drills Everyone in your family should participate in planning how to escape during a fire. Here are the steps to… Continue reading