My Tree is Sick: What Should I Do?

Bench surrounded by trees in a park

  Trees are some of the most desirable aspects of your yard. They provide shade, act as windbreakers, produce fresh air and beautify the landscape. The trouble starts when a tree becomes diseased. Here’s how to tell your tree is sick, how to treat it and ways to prevent tree diseases in the future. Symptoms of a Sick Tree Watch… Continue reading

The Importance of Fire Protection Equipment

Man extinguishing a microwave with smoke coming out of it

As a responsible home or business owner, it’s vital to prepare for a possible fire. This means having the proper fire protection equipment installed and in good working order. Here are four different kinds of fire safety equipment that can protect your home or business. Smoke Detectors Every home and business should have smoke detectors. If your unit starts beeping,… Continue reading


June 17, 2019 – DKI proudly announced a strategic partnership with the Restoration Industry Association, Inc. (RIA) to co-locate their annual member conference with RIA’s annual convention, beginning in 2020. This agreement enables each organization to continue to lead the industry with an enhanced educational focus and benefit a larger audience by allowing all attendees to meet in one central location. (more…) Continue reading

FAQs About Mold and Your Health

Mid adult male patient describing a chest pain to his doctor.

Mold is a vital part of the decomposition process. It breaks down dead plant and animal matter and recycles it into the environment. However, mold growing in your house can be harmful to your health. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about mold and its effect on you and your family. How and where am I exposed… Continue reading

How to Slow the Spread of a House Fire

House on fire that the firemen are trying to extinguish 2

It takes less than 30 seconds for a small flame to grow into a full-blown fire. In two minutes, the fire could become life-threatening. And after just five minutes, the entire house could be engulfed in flames. Learn more about how fire spreads throughout a building and tips to slow it down. How Does Fire Spread? Once a building fire… Continue reading