Why You Should Call Storm Damage Contractors Within the First 24 Hours

Storm Damage Contactors | DKIServices.com

After a major storm or weather event occurs, your first goals are to clean up any damage and reopen your business. However, if you don’t take enough time to look at damages or to assess them properly, they can grow into bigger problems. Play it safe rather than sorry, and call storm damage contractors the moment you find damages. Here are a couple reasons why you should call a contractor within the first 24 hours:

Storm Damage Contactors | DKIServices.com Storm damage contractors are trained and have experience repairing damages from hurricanes and large storms. Because of this, they can immediately spot damage, tell how severe it is, and know the best course of action as soon as they take a look. They might spot things that may look insignificant to you and get them fixed before they get worse.

Next, they can quickly assess the damage and know what course of action to take. These experts know the best techniques and have access to the latest equipment to fix your business. Also, they can provide an accurate timeline of how long the work should take.

Finally, storm restoration experts understand the desire to return to normality. Even if the damages aren’t fully repaired, contractors can get the work to the point that your business can be open while work is still being completed.  If contractors aren’t called to assess damages within the first 24 hours, it may not be possible to stay open while damages are repaired.

When you notice storm damages, call DKI and a team will be at your business on the same day. Our storm damage contractors are trained in the latest techniques and practices to quickly repair damages.