Household Emergencies That Call For Flood Repair Services

When you hear the word “flooded,” you usually think of feet of water invading your home. While this is usually the case for emergency repairs, there are other household emergencies that could call for flood repair services. Here are three things that could warrant restorative services that you might not have thought about. Continue reading “Household Emergencies That Call For Flood Repair Services”

Shocking Statistics from Hurricane Harvey, and Why You Should Prepare!

DKI is busy monitoring the floods in Houston and its surrounding areas, and working with our clients to ensure their safety during this tragic event. We have support from our member companies from all over the country, on the ground, to assist those impacted!


Harvey is one of the worst flood disasters in U.S. history, with record-breaking rainfall. Here are some of its shocking statistics: Continue reading “Shocking Statistics from Hurricane Harvey, and Why You Should Prepare!”

What to Look for In Storm Damage Contractors

After a major storm, you may start to see a lot of advertising for storm damage contractors. Those who have damages tend to call the first person they find. The only problem is, during this time, many fraudulent “contractors” tend to come out of the woodwork. Ensure you’ve hired a legitimate contractor by asking these questions: Continue reading “What to Look for In Storm Damage Contractors”

Workers’ Safety During Severe Weather

Whether you’re suffering from extreme heat or dodging thunderstorms, it’s important to keep you and your employees safe! Since the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, be prepared for all conditions so you don’t have to think twice when working outdoors during severe weather.

First, and you’ve heard it before, but always do your research; identify potential weather disasters in your area. And, as you receive warnings for possible severe weather, continue to follow and listen to alerts from the officials so you are well prepared. Continue reading “Workers’ Safety During Severe Weather”

What Storm Damage Services We Provide

Hurricane season is here, and while you may be prepared for a hurricane to hit today, are you prepared for what happens after the storm? DKI has a number of 24-hour emergency services that can help your home or business after a major hurricane or weather event. Here are the storm damage services we offer that can help you return to normal after a hurricane. Continue reading “What Storm Damage Services We Provide”