What Do You Do After Calling a Fire Damage Restoration Service?

You may not know what to do after a fire has damaged your home or business. After fire crews have left, your next step should be to call an emergency fire damage restoration service. A team of highly trained contractors will come and assess the damage and get started on getting your property back to pristine shape. But, what do you do in the meantime? These are just a couple things you can do to help:

  • Secure lodging for the duration of the project

Fire Damage Restoration ServiceMost likely, fire crews have told you not to go inside your home for various safety reasons. After meeting with a restoration crew, use the timeline of work they’ve given you to find lodging. Crews like these stick to timelines or tell you if they’ll be off even in the slightest of ways.

  • Take inventory of important papers and items

If you are allowed back into your space, inventory your personal items. Take photos for insurance purposes, remove any damaged items, or determine what will need restoration work.

  • Figure out if you need to have property restoration or further work

Talk with your contractor to see what else the fire has damaged. You may need further work past what a fire damage restoration service can accomplish. They may recommend further water restoration work, roofing work, or personal property restoration to truly get things back to the way they were.

When a fire occurs, call DKI for full fire restoration services. Our emergency team can work to put your property back in order and ready to move in.

UDK Earns Angie’s List “Super Service Award” for the Third Year in a Row

AL_UDK(Draper., Utah, Feb. 27, 2017) – Utah Disaster Kleenup (UDK), a member company of DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, proudly announced they received Angie’s List’s “Super Service Award” for 2016. Continue reading “UDK Earns Angie’s List “Super Service Award” for the Third Year in a Row”

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

springclean_smSpring is just around the corner. Here are 3 simple ideas for your business to get you refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

Clean Up Your Workspace

It’s as simple as doing a good clean of your desk or office! Break out the bleach wipes, go through the papers and consider even going paperless!  Nothing gets you ready for a fresh start like sitting down in a clean and organized environment.

 Touch Up That Website

Your website can’t be left forgotten, otherwise your SEO will suffer.  It’s easy to forget with everything you have to do to run your business. Consider pre-writing a few blogs and dedicating someone to keep an eye on updates, or even outsource your SEO tasks.

Organize Your Inbox

We get it, you’re afraid to delete something you might need later. But, if you have a bunch of old files cluttering up your inbox, it gets chaotic.  If messages are more than a year old and you haven’t looked at them, get rid of them. If you think you might need to access them later, create a folder for them for easy access.


What Can a Fire Damage Repair Service Do For My Home?

Fires affect a fraction of homes and businesses every year. They range from minor damages to catastrophic repair projects. DKI Services can help in both areas and can be there as soon as an emergency occurs. But what exactly does a fire damage repair service do? Here are just a couple of things that a good fire restoration company should accomplish:

  • Repair structural damage

Fire Damage Repair | DKIServices.com The company you hire should first take an overall look at the property and make sure it is structurally sound. Sometimes, an initial look by emergency crews may miss something major. So it’s best that the service you hire immediately takes a look.

  • Remove smoke, soot, and odors

A fire damage repair company mainly works on restoring spaces from smoke and soot that has damaged the space. They also work on eliminating powerful odors from the fire, ensuring that it is ok to re-enter the space.

  • Water damage

With fire comes water, so restoration services usually have to take any water damage into account too. They will use tools to dry out the space and fix any damages related to the water. This also ensures that you won’t have to worry about mold later on!

Fires may seem like an unrecoverable event. However, by calling DKI Services, you can have experts help you recover from fire damage. Their fire damage repair teams can fix a variety of damage, helping you to get back into your space sooner and without worry!

How to Develop Business Relationships with Remote Workers

February 16, 2017

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

As you’ve read earlier this month, workplace camaraderie can help improve productivity. And, employees agree! According to The Conference Board Job Satisfaction survey of 2014, 60.6 percent of workers stated that those around them at work improve their work environment the most.

So, if developing friendships in the office can have a positive impact on overall business performance, how do we build a meaningful relationship with those located 500 (or more) miles away from us?

Remote employment is becoming increasingly more common as technology evolves. Today, we are able to communicate with those hundreds or thousands of miles away through multiple voice chat and video applications. And, remote work is beneficial to a company as it allows the business to expand into more territories – Its sales and marketing professionals can travel by vehicle or public transportation instead of expensive plan trips and customer service can accommodate customer inquiries in all separate time zones. Yet, the downside is it makes it more difficult to develop close relationships among employees.

But, since camaraderie is so significant to a business’ success, don’t disregard just because your employees are miles apart. It’s important that you learn how to work with remote employees to strengthen your company. Here are four ways to help you do that.

Daily Meetings

Have each department hold daily fifteen minute meetings to catch up on each others’ progress and workload. This provides reassurance to managers that their remote employees are working while they’re behind closed doors, and a quick and easy update on where a project is in terms of projected timeline. But, don’t keep the conversation strictly business; open with a quick ice breaker on what was the last movie everyone saw or what is the weather like near them. By creating a daily professional and casual verbal atmosphere, the team can start to form camaraderie among each other, even from states or countries away.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

In addition to discussing work, conversing on a daily basis about life in general and taking a mental break from your work helps people refresh while also building those close bonds among colleagues. Yet, gathering in the break room for coffee and to discuss each other’s weekend plans doesn’t quite work for remote employees. So, what about scheduling five to ten-minute coffee breaks via Skype (or any video chat system your company uses)?

Close your email and any open tabs for just a few minutes to avoid distractions, and turn on your video chat. You can drink coffee, or not; the purpose is to relax and reboot. These virtual “coffee breaks” can be on a daily or weekly basis, but try to use this time to briefly chat with your team about non-work events. If they need a little push to get started, try round-robin saying one good thing outside of work that happened that week, and one thing each other is excited for in the coming week.

Use the Buddy System

New employees sometimes feel intimidated in general, since they lack the advantage of already knowing everyone around the company, what each person does, and his or her strengths. However, new, remote employees have an even larger disadvantage since they can’t simply walk up to other employees to introduce themselves; they have to call or video chat a stranger – It can provoke the same anxiety as cold calling. As you onboard new, remote employees, consider teaming them up.

You can provide a short list of fun facts and a photo for each employee and send these to their “buddies,” then they can set up a quick phone call to discuss each other’s backgrounds, interests, current events in their area, professional goals, etc. Their buddies can also be their go-to person for assistance or information while the new employee is still learning the ropes of the business.

Treat All Equally

There is sometimes the misconception that remote employees perform less than those onsite. From the onsite employees’ perspective, this can be difficult to manage since they do not always see their counterparts’ work. To this point, remote employees can feel underappreciated. Be mindful of this and make sure that all employees are aware of individual and team accomplishments. Recognize all within a team and their individual contributions.

If you give out awards or gifts, make sure the remote employees have a fair chance at receiving these as well. If you choose to treat your onsite team to a coffee, send your remote employee(s) a coffee gift card that either they can use at the same time while video chatting in the coffee shop or even on a later date, to show they’re equally appreciated.

In addition, it can be easy to neglect your remote employees if your onsite team throws a work party, but try to include everyone. If it’s a holiday party, consider flying everyone to the corporate office for a chance to official meet their entire team. If it’s a small potluck though, it may not be necessary to fly everyone in for just a couple of hours, but consider sending your remote employees a live feed to view from their own locations, so they can feel like a part of the “party.”

Next Steps after Calling an Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service

Emergency situations can happen in the blink of an eye, especially those that cause water damage. When the worst happens, calling an emergency water damage restoration company can help you get back on your feet quickly. Once you are allowed back into your home and the property is deemed safe, these are a few things you should do after calling an emergency restoration service:

  • Take photos of what you can

Emergency Water Damage Restoration | DKIServices.com Help your insurance process by taking pictures of the damage. Try to be as detailed as possible. The more you can show, the more you can help your claim and get the money you need to get back to normal.

  • Have insurance claims and policies ready

Speaking of insurance, make sure you have your insurance paperwork and policies handy. If you usually have to evacuate in the event of an emergency, be sure they are with you when you leave. If not, make sure you have copies ready when you call restoration services and when you make your claim.

  • Move non-damaged items out of the house

If you are allowed back into your property, make sure you move out any items that are in the affected space. Take inventory of what is there for insurance purposes. Also, throw out any items that are beyond repair. Most emergency water damage restoration services also offer property restoration, so be sure to talk to them about possible restoration to those damaged items.

By calling an emergency restoration service after you find damage in your home, you can get back to normal quicker than by just calling a regular contractor. For professional, water restoration services, call DKI for fast, emergency service.

What Do I Do When Mold Removal Services are in My Home?

Once you’ve found mold in your home, your goal is to get it removed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your life. Hiring the right mold removal service can work with you to achieve this goal. However, some homeowners haven’t dealt with this type of problem before. So, what should you do once a mold remediation company is in your home?

  • Ask if you can stay in your home.

Mold Removal | DKIServices.comThis is the first thing you need to establish. If the mold is in a sealed off area and experts say that it doesn’t pose a major threat to your home, then chances are you can stay in your space while the company is working. Most times though, with major mold cleanup projects, you need to leave your home. Work with the mold restoration company you hired to develop a timeline so you can secure lodging and have an idea when work will be completed.

  • If possible, remove items from the space.

If the mold removal company gives the OK, remove items from the affected area as soon as possible. Determine which items are not damaged, which you need to throw out, and what items need professional restoration. If the area is too dangerous, work with the company to determine what items are salvageable.

  • Develop a timeline with your contractor.

As mentioned before, determining a timeline with your contractor is crucial. While this is especially crucial for projects that keep you from staying in your home, it is just as important for projects that are in your home. Talk with the contractor about what will be done and when, so you know where you should be.

Mold remediation projects should be left to the experts, but if you follow these steps, you can help speed up the work. If your home or business needs help with mold, be sure to call DKI today!

Improve Productivity with Color

study by The University of Texas at Austin believes something as simple as the color of your office surroundings can help increase productivity.

It’s easy to forget about the walls around you when you’re setting up an office. There are many important things to think about: phone and computer connections, desk, file cabinets, lighting, space assignments, white and cork boards. Many times the color of a room is ignored and left taupe or grey. These colors can feel like a bit like a prison, especially when you realize people spend most of their waking hours in the office.

Different colors impact the sorts of productivity depending on the job.  Not ready to paint the whole office? You can add accents like office accessories to help give a burst of color where you need it.

The two most popular colors for offices are Blue and Green, but take a look at the bold color choices below and how you may be able to implement them to suit your business:

Blue is the most universal color for all job types. It gives a senBlueBlogPicse of openness and the calming freedom of the sky outside. It’s one of those obvious colors found in nature and makes everyone feel better and ready to focus on the tasks at hand.

Green is another color that make people think of nature and gives a calming feeling. Instead of painting, consider cubical dividers in green or maybe some plants to bring the outdoors in. Green is one of the colors that are said to help creativity. So creative positions can definitely be inspired by this color.

GreenBlogPicYellow is a way to brighten up any office and create a sense of happiness. This is a solid creativity color for people with creative or design positions. This color is best used sparingly, like an accent wall or desk accessories.  A little goes a long way.  Too much yellow can be overwhelming.

Red/Orange can create a sense of energy, but like yellow, should be used sparingly in artwork or accessories.  Red is usually considered a color that evokes passion, if used in large amounts, it can also create stress. This is best used in an area employees are in for a limited time and not their major work time such as the lunch room or hallways.

When Would Mold Remediation Need to Take Place?

Mold remediation services are usually known for major renovation projects, where a property hasn’t been taken care of. This is only a fraction of the projects that mold restoration teams handle. Mold can occur in a home for a number of reasons that homeowners tend to forget about. Mold restoration services also help in a situation such as:

After Flooding or Water Damage

Mold Remediation | DKIServices.comA major storm can cause a variety of damage, but more than often, it can cause mold. This can occur because the area wasn’t dried out properly. If you don’t think the proper drying process occurred, have an expert inspect your property. If mold is found, mold removal should take place immediately.

Older Homes

Mold can creep into older homes, especially if they aren’t cared for properly. People sometimes miss leaks or simply parts of the home aren’t up to code. Older homes can still be renovated and become wonderful family homes, even if you find mold. Just be sure that the company you call for mold removal knows how to work with old homes.

Isolated problems Within a Home

No matter how old or new a home is, things happen. An appliance leaks, moisture gets in, or a catastrophic event can take place. Any of these reasons can attribute to mold growing in a home. Either way, don’t risk spreading it or getting sick. Mold remediation companies handle a variety of projects and will be able to help.

Mold sadly affects more homes than people realize. By being aware of the causes, you can prevent mold from damaging your property. If you’ve noticed mold or need mold remediation immediately, give DKI Services a call. Their fast acting teams can find the problem, clean up, and have your home back to normal in no time.

How to Prevent Water Damage from Storms

Damage from storms or other inclement weather can be hard to plan for. While you do everything you can to plan for predictable or large hazards, many fail to prevent those caused by Mother Nature. However, there are a few things you can do to possibly save yourself from having to call water damage restoration services.

  • Keep Your Gutters Clean

Water Damage Restoration Services | DKIServices.com A buildup in your gutters can lead to water draining improperly. Be sure to clean your gutters regularly, or more so if you have lots of trees on your property. Not only does this prevent water from draining into your home, but it can also keep your gutters in better condition.

  • Watch Drainage in Your Yard

Have you noticed standing water in your yard after a heavy storm? This can lead to bigger problems in the event of a major weather event. Look at re-routing water away from major structures either through restructuring your yard or by adding drainage pipes.

  • Inspect Your Roof Regularly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people forget about their roofs until it is causing problems. Try to do a visual inspection of your roof and attic every so often, or after a major weather event. If you aren’t sure what to look for, call a reliable roofing company in your community. Many offer free inspections or can offer tips on what to look for.

Mother Nature is completely unpredictable, but by taking necessary steps, you can ensure your home stays safe in the event of harsh weather. If you notice damage or need someone immediately after a bad storm, call DKI. A team will be on hand as soon as possible to assess the damage and start water damage restoration services.