K-tech Kleening Supports the Red Cross and Fire Safety

June 22, 2015 – DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, announced today that one of its Member Companies, K-tech Kleening Systems of Weston, Wis. volunteered to help the American Red Cross install and test neighborhood smoke alarms.

With the goal to reduce fires and fire deaths in the United States by around 25 percent, the Red Cross joined fire departments and community groups nationwide to install smoke alarms in at-risk neighborhoods and encourage everyone to practice fire safety.

On Saturday, June 20, a few K-tech employees offered their time from 9:00 AM until mid-afternoon to participate in the North Central Chapter Red Cross’ Home Fire Smoke Alarm Installation Event. Following the Wausau Fire Department’s recommendation to work in the Longfellow and SW Jones neighborhoods, the volunteers spent no more than 20 minutes at each household, installing smoke alarms and teaching the homeowners about fire safety, escape plans and smoke alarm maintenance.

For more information about the Red Cross’ event, visit, or if you’re interested in joining a Home Fire Smoke Alarm Installation Event, pre-register at to participate in an event near you.

About K-tech Kleening

Headquartered in Weston, WI, K-tech has been serving Central and Northern Wisconsin customers since 1975. It still thrives today as a 2nd-generation family-owned business with superior commercial and residential cleaning and restoration solution services. Through its K-tech Charities division, conceptualized in 2006, K-tech prides itself in giving back to the community in which it serves. For more information, visit its website at