Safety Tips for Summer Work

June 23, 2015 By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC It is officially summer, and that means days are getting longer and HOTTER! With parts of the U.S. suffering from extreme heat lately, and the west coast rationing water usage during this misery, it’s important to be aware of the risks to stay safe. Schedule your days early. Though, in this… Continue reading

Increase Customer Service with an App

June 17, 2015 By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC Last week we touched upon the importance of creating a mobile app for your business, and we shared our experience with our new American Red Cross Emergency App. Now, let’s run through three simple benefits of utilizing and promoting our app for your business as a DKI Member, or even creating… Continue reading

Why Go Mobile?

June 8, 2015 By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC Technology is becoming increasingly more significant for Americans’ daily lives. They use their smartphones, tablets and now, even watches (Apple Watch) to build relationships, access messages and research information. According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans own a smartphone and 34 percent of Americans use their smartphones to… Continue reading

Stay Safe During a Hurricane

June 1, 2015 By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC Now that your office is prepared for a hurricane… What? It isn’t?? Read last week’s blog post, then continue reading! Today marks the first day of National Safety Month. Do you know what to do to keep your office safe during a hurricane watch? Remember, a hurricane watch means to be… Continue reading