Does My Home Need Mold Remediation?

It’s a common misconception that mold remediation is only necessary when you can see fuzzy black, slimy green or powdery white growth on your walls, ceilings or floors. However, mold may be present – and affecting your health – even if you can’t see it. That’s why you should be vigilant and watch for signs that your home needs mold… Continue reading


April 18, 2019 – Armstrong’s Restoration, a member company of DKI, is restoring more than just property. Through their recent sponsorship of covering the adoption fees for six of Brevard County Animal Shelter’s dogs, Armstrong’s is helping restore lives by supporting loving homes for each of these animals. (more…) Continue reading

How to Make a Fire Escape Plan

When fire triggers a smoke alarm, you may only have one or two minutes to escape. Your ability to get everyone out safely depends on what preparations you’ve made. That’s why every family disaster plan should include instructions for what to do in case of a house fire. Here’s how to make a fire escape plan that could one day… Continue reading

What is a 72-Hour Kit?

If you’ve ever lived through an emergency, you know that knowledge + preparedness = peace of mind; and a 72-hour kit is a critical component of this. Each family member should have a kit containing the essentials needed to survive for at least three days. The final product should be portable so everyone can evacuate quickly during a natural disaster… Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask a Mold Remediation Company

If you spot mold growth or notice a persistent musty odor in your home or business, you should contact a mold remediation specialist as soon as possible. The faster you act, the less damage mold can do to your home, belongings and your health. However, you should take the time to interview a few mold removal professionals to ensure you… Continue reading


To begin 2019, DKI has added four new restoration companies to its national team of commercial capable experts March 29, 2019 – DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, proudly announced that during January through March 2019, four new contractors joined the DKI network, over a dozen current members renewed their DKI memberships and two other members expanded their existing… Continue reading

The Importance of Infectious Disease Control in Healthcare Restoration

When a flood, tornado or hurricane rips through a community, the wind and water don’t politely dodge the hospitals and other medical facilities in the area. Indeed, natural disasters strike hospitals just as fiercely as other commercial buildings. In fact, the outcome may be even more detrimental because of the potential for infectious diseases to spread. This is why it’s… Continue reading


March 20, 2019 – United Services by Permaco, Inc., a member company of DKI, proudly announced they have received the Complaint Free Award for 2018 from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is an honor exclusive to BBB accredited businesses in the Chicagoland area that have not received any complaints in the past year. (more…) Continue reading

The Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding is an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) characterized by stockpiling items. Hoarders are compelled to obtain more and more belongings and refuse to throw anything away due to the fear of losing something valuable, important or useful. As a result, hoarding can take over living spaces, thwart everyday activities, and cause sanitary and safety issues. Consider the dangers of hoarding and… Continue reading

Reducing the Risk of Tornado Damage to Your Home

About 1,000 tornadoes occur in the US every year, and March marks the start of tornado season. Are you ready for the hail and high winds that spring and summer can bring? While there’s no way to mitigate the damage of an extremely violent storm, most tornadoes are mild to moderate in severity. It’s these storms that you can prepare… Continue reading