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Nationwide Restoration Response

DKI’s mission is deeply rooted in our passion for helping others through fast, efficient response methods. We understand how devastating accidents and tragedies can be to those impacted and their communities. And, our team of expert service providers is committed to help. Our full-service response can provide the support you need to help get you back on your feet quickly. We’re proud to be one of the largest property restoration organizations in North America with nearly a half century of experience. We are dedicated to provide solutions for a quick recovery when disaster strikes to our clients, including property owners, insurance professionals, risk managers, and more. Contact us if you need property restoration assistance.

Our Core Purpose


We believe in always doing the right thing. Ethics and helping people are what got us into this business. And it’s what continues to motivate us to this day. Our mutual respect with our clients and co-workers sets us apart. A job is never just a job. We put our all into every service we offer.


We strive to improve all aspects of our business. Our years of experience, state-of-the-art tools, and proven techniques guarantee great results on your restoration project. We train every member of our team to provide complete satisfaction on every project for both residential and commercial. Our results span all types of damages, including:


We are clear on deliverables and believe in always keeping our word. Our team of expert service providers keeps you involved every step of the way from our initial scope of work proposal to completion, to ensure you are familiar with all progress and any changes. We don’t finish a job until you’re satisfied. Our dedication to provide top-notch service is what has allowed us to stay in business for so long and continue to grow, remaining one of the largest and widest-spread restoration companies in the nation.


We support each other for the common good. Our strength and power through numbers across the country is what sets us apart and makes the DKI Network a leader in restoration. No matter the size or complication of a restoration project, we know that good teamwork gets things done, and often join forces to tackle a project – whether it’s to share manpower, equipment or knowledge. Instead of worrying about conflicting schedules and long turnaround times, we work together and take care of your needs efficiently. Our teams also attend annual trainings, meetings and conferences which allow them to collaborate regularly to share their recent strengths and brainstorm solutions together.


We love what we do and commit to doing our best. A community can get through anything together. After tragedy strikes, we’re here to help you rebuild and move forward. Our passion for helping our clients get back on their feet is what drives us to do better every day. We’re on call and ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That includes all holidays – since accidents and disasters don’t take days off, neither do we.