Storm Damage

DKI can be onsite to quickly minimize any storm damage.

Let’s face it: The weather is unpredictable — you never know when a severe thunderstorm or other natural disaster is going to blow through town. But, when it does, storm damage happens fast — gusting winds knock down structures, hail damages roofs, lightning strikes, debris flies into buildings, torrential rain floods offices, etc. When something like this happens, you don’t have to face it alone. Choose storm damage remediation services you can trust with DKI.

DKI’s industry-certified disaster recovery team has the expertise and experience required to minimize potential damage and secure your property. Contact us day or night. Our quick response not only gives you help right when you need it, but also it can result in lower storm damage repair costs and/or limited contents damage for your business or home.

To learn more about the restoration work DKI provides, or if you need work done at your property, contact us for fast and effective storm damage cleanup and relief.

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